Programme Feslalí 2024
Visits to the Medieval Tower

From 10.30 am to 1.30 pm
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 3 to 25 February.

Saturday 3 February

10.00 am
Village square
Walk and workshop: "Plantem margallons i fem taller de llata" ["Let's plant dwarf palms and do a plaiting workshop"]
A walk to the place where we'll plant Mediterranean dwarf palm trees ("margallons"). Collective planting to create new resources and recover local traditions. These dwarf palms ("margallons") provide the raw material for plaiting ("llata"), which can be used to make various kinds of baskets, mats, and fans. The fruit they produce are a source of food for birds and nocturnal mammals. They have an ability to regenerate and are an ally in the face of increasingly frequent fires.

Free online registration, limited places.

7.00 pm
The 8th Photography Marathon, Feslalí 2024, begins
Free registration until Friday, 2 February at 2.00 pm.

Sunday 4 February

Until 2.00 pm
8th Photography Marathon, Feslalí 2024
From 12 noon until 2.00 pm · Hand in participating photographs at the Ethnological Museum (C/ Porxe, 33)

10.00 am - Village square
Ethnobotanical route and workshop on "Good Herbs: Uses and virtues"
We'll walk along paths between orchards growing different crops such as oranges, grapes, olives, carob and almonds. We'll recover the traditional and forgotten uses of wild plants while we discover the origins of the local Mosquera area. Ends with a workshop and small tasting.

Circular route · 4.5 km. · Degree of difficulty: easy · difference in altitude 40m+ · Duration 2 hours 30 minutes.
ACCESSIBLE ROUTE · Limited places

Saturday 10 February

8:30 h - Village square
Ornithological Route: The ecosystems of Alcalalí
We discover the fascinating world of birds with Mateo, a local ornithologist who carries out bird censuses at different times of the year using the scientific ringing technique; others can go on an interpretative walk in search of birds.

Circular route · 5 km · Degree of difficulty: easy · Difference in altitude 60m+ · Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

12.00 noon to 1.30 pm - Village square
Workshop on the preparation of "arnadí" and variations
This activity consists of a practical workshop where the origin and preparation of "arnadí", a traditional speciality made with pumpkin and sweet potato will be taught.
Limited places

Sunday 11 February

10.00 am - Village square
Pet Friendly route: a walk with our pets.
The walk will take us along paths through almond, orange and olive groves, we will see ancient carob trees and discover paths across hills and through gullies. A complete and interesting route to enjoy with our pets! Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times during the walk.

Circular route · 8 km · Degree of difficulty: easy · Difference in altitude 140m+ · Duration 2 hours 30 minutes

Throughout the day - Parc del Pou. Passeig del Pou, 4
"The creation of a mural by the artists of Alcalalí"

Saturday 17 February

8:30 am - Village square
Hiking route: PR-CV 425 - "Coll de Rates"
We walk down the Ravalet, a street from which we can see the Coll de Rates and the Carrascal. Then we cross the Gorgos river to reach the San Juan de Mosquera Chapel, a building in an ancient Moorish settlement that in 1577 had 30 houses and various hydraulic and agricultural buildings. From there, we walk up to the foot of Peña Talaia. We'll have lunch and enjoy the views of La Marina From the Coll de Rates viewpoint, and then come down along the bridle path to the forest track that takes us back to the Mosquera district.

Circular route· 12km · Degree of difficulty: Moderate · Difference in altitude 450m+ · Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes.

1.00 pm - Village square
Popular lunch and bar provided by the 2024 San Juan festival organisers

4.00 pm - Village square
Rocklalí: Musical performances by Valencian groups
Ferretería Rosario
Dj VaDeRock

Sunday 18 February

10.00 am - Village square
Tracking route: "The animals of the Mediterranean woods"
We leave the village in the direction of the Terrer viewpoint, turn off towards the Gorgos river, cross it and walk to the beginning of the "tubería" path. We discover various tracks and trap effects as we analyse the surroundings and the history of the hydraulic heritage. We return to the village via the Mosquera district, completing the circular route.

Circular route · 6 km · Degree of difficulty: easy · Difference in altitude 130 m+ · Duration: 2 hours

12.00 noon · Ethnological Museum
Awards ceremony for the 8th Photography Marathon, for "Feslalí 2024"

Saturday 24 February

Craft and Local Products Fair

10.00 am · Village square
Interpretive route: "Mosquera: Culture and Nature"
An interpretative walk that provides an educational experience with an expert guide who will encourage a personal connection with the environment of Alcalalí.

Circular route · 4.5 km · Degree of difficulty: easy · Difference in altitude 40m+ · Duration 2 hours 30 minutes.
ACCESSIBLE ROUTE · Limited places

11.00 am
Inauguration with traditional musical instruments, the dolzaina and tabalet, of the Crafts and Local Products Fair

11.30 am · Town Hall, C/ Mayor. 10
A walk through the village to discover its history
Circular route· Degree of difficulty: easy · Duration 1 hour
ACCESSIBLE ROUTE · Limited places

12 noon · C/ Porxe
Floral decorations workshop for children
Limited places

12.30 pm
Traditional Valencian music with the "Tres Fan Ball" group

3.30 pm
Concert by the "Fusta i Jazz and DixieLand Band"

4.30 pm
"Me and my suitcase". Circus show for the family

Sunday 25 February

Craft and Local Products Fair

11.00 am
Inauguration of the Craft and Local Products Fair

11.00 am to 2.00 pm · C/ Porxe
Traditional games, handmade with recycled materials, for all tastes and all ages. Competitive games of strategy, ingenuity and skill, etc.

11.30 am to 1.30 pm · Town Hall, C/ Mayor, 10
Wine in the Marina Alta: a thousand-year-old history.
Guided tour with Jorge Femenia, sommelier and agricultural engineer from the Marina Alta, who will tell us about the fascinating history of wine in this region. A history that goes back a long way and continues into the present day.

A pleasant stroll through the village, a wine tasting and a short introduction to the world of natural wines given by Jerome Chesnot will complete this delightful walk through the age-old history of wine in the Marina Alta.
Limited places, first come first served at the starting point.

12.30 pm
Concert of intimate, interstellar and surprising music by "Oller i Guerra"
Presentation of their latest release.

3.30 pm
Performance by "Jean Jass", a La Marina band that makes people get up and dance with a mixture of funk, ska and cumbia.

6.00 pm
The Fair ends.

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