From 3 to 25 February

We have pleasure in announcing the 8th Alcalalí Festival: Feslalí. It’s a festival that born of the desire to show off our heritage, share local customs, enjoy nature and culture and, most important, to come together to celebrate our village life.

And what better way than to come out into the streets, stroll along our paths and take pleasure in our natural surroundings, learning about the local flora and fauna, listening to the chorus of birds that visit the area every year, enjoy some tapas and dance together.

Alcalalí has evolved and so has this festival. We have suffered from the devastating plague of Xylella Fastidiosa, which has affected agriculture, decimating the almond trees in particular. The almond was one of our most precious assets, but after years of fighting the disease we have no choice but to reinvent ourselves.

In this year’s festival our aim is to look back at the past so we can learn how to build a more sustainable future for our village.

We invite you to visit us on each of these weekends. There’ll be a wide range of activities focused on our local traditions, biodiversity, crafts, music, culture, heritage and sustainability that will appeal to all sections of the public.

Come, once again: "El febrer és Alcalalí".

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